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Sainsburys Health and Wellbeing

Sainsburys stay connected to our colleagues using specific wellbeing questions within our colleague engagement surveys, and the Operating Board and Non-Executive Directors facilitate regular listening sessions throughout the year to understand what’s on colleague’s minds.

Sainsburys Health and Wellbeing

Physical well-being: Because our employees’ health and safety are so important to us, we have clear policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.

We emphasize the importance of getting enough sleep, getting enough exercise, eating well, and taking care of your body to support our colleagues’ physical well-being. We also emphasize the positive effects that physical activity can have on their mental well-being. Through our partnership with Simply Health, we offer health cash plans, discounted gym memberships with Gympass, and the government’s Cycle to Work program to employees. Our intranet provides colleagues with access to a wealth of information as well as links to external support services like NHS Screening and Health Checks and services for quitting smoking and drinking.

We regularly offer incentives to colleagues to get them cooking recipes and eating healthily in accordance with the Eatwell Guide because we want to encourage our customers and colleagues to make food choices that are both better for them and better for the environment through our brand commitment, Helping Everyone Eat Better.

Financial security: Our goal is to offer a competitive, fair, and equitable total compensation package that encourages employees to serve and assist each customer and gives them opportunities to contribute to Sainsbury’s success. For instance, Sainsbury’s and Argos offer a 10% discount to coworkers, which increases to 15% for five days at Sainsbury’s and to 10% for one day at Argos each payday. Through our partnership with Reward Gateway, they can also get discounts at hundreds of retailers. Our all-employee share schemes give coworkers the chance to become shareholders in the business as well as the chance to participate in a pension plan on a contributory basis with company contributions.

We are working to increase our colleagues’ financial literacy through education and tools that enable them to effectively manage their money because we are aware that money can have a direct impact on mental health. In addition, we offer Colleague Loans and, more recently, Pay Advance, which enable employees to access a portion of their accrued income prior to their usual payday through our partnership with Salary Finance, a financial wellness partner. In addition, we provide a wealth of information on our intranet pages to assist colleagues with budgeting, debt management, and savings. Additionally, colleagues can find links to external charities and organizations like Money Helper and StepChange that support financial well-being.

With an increase in the basic hourly rate of pay for all Sainsbury’s and Argos employees from £10.25 to £11 per hour, Sainsbury’s recently announced a further £185 million investment for its store colleagues. This is on top of the £20 million that was invested in October in recognition of the extraordinary hard work of colleagues and the rising cost of living. We also made free food available to store and depot employees during shifts as part of this investment to help them manage tighter budgets.

Wellbeing and the colleague lifecycle: The employee lifecycle and well-being of coworkers We take well-being of coworkers into account with great care to ensure their success throughout their time with us.

Recruitment: From the beginning, it was important to us that candidates, whether internal or external, felt supported throughout the recruitment process. Line managers are supported in understanding biases, writing inclusive job descriptions, best practices for CV sifting, and how to provide support at interviews, including the importance of checking in with candidates to understand whether they require any adjustments due to a disability, health condition, or mental health issue. We provide line managers with training and guidance in Inclusive Recruitment practices.

Onboarding: When new coworkers join us or change roles, we ask them to fill out a Health Questionnaire to find out if they have any health issues that might necessitate making changes in the workplace to help them be their best from the start. Additionally, coworkers will receive a booklet outlining the variety of benefits they receive, including the health and wellbeing assistance they can expect from day one.

Schooling, preparing and vocation Movement: We trust that valuable chance to advance and foster assumes a key part in associate psychological well-being and prosperity. All of our colleagues have a chance to achieve their personal and professional goals thanks to our career development opportunities, coaching, skill boosts, and progressive development programs.

Customer service, store safety, supplier negotiation, project management, software engineering, leadership, behavioral development, inclusion, well-being, and financial services are just a few of the many topics we cover in our development solutions to help our employees perform at their best.

Our approach to performance is centered on providing honest, everyday feedback on what is working well and what isn’t, what can be improved, and what could be done differently the next time. Regular one-on-one meetings with line managers are encouraged so that employees can discuss their performance and any necessary adjustments to help them reach their goals.

Supporting through all of life’s moments: Providing support through every phase of life Given that we spend roughly a third of our lives at work, we are aware that the assistance our coworkers require may change over time. Whether that is assisting with managing changes at work, data while moving toward retirement or backing for emotional well-being concerns, we have a ton of data and commonsense assistance promptly accessible. Based on the crucial moments that our coworkers tell us are important to them, we continue to build this support.

Additionally, we are able to make reasonable adjustments to a coworker’s mental health and wellbeing throughout their employment with us thanks to our workplace adjustment process. Whether that means adjusting work schedules, making adjustments to workloads or tasks to make sure they can be managed, or doing so when returning to work after a break. We place a high value on our coworkers’ ability to succeed both at work and outside of it.

Balance between serious and fun activities: We need to assist our associates with adjusting their home and work responsibilities, understanding that there might be times in life when they need to adjust their functioning game plans to find a place with their own liabilities. We have a Time Away from Work Policy and a Flexible Working Policy that allow coworkers to request flexible work hours and allow them to take time off from work when necessary.

In addition, we offer 26 weeks of paid leave for maternity, adoption, and surrogacy, as well as 4 weeks of paid paternity leave, allowing our employees to spend more time with their families. We also have a Parent’s and Carers Policy for times when our employees need to care for a friend, neighbor, or family member.

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