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OurSainsBurys Employee Payslips or MySainsBurys PaySlips

What are the Payslips of Sainbury?

The OurSainsburys Employee Payslips is a paper document that an employer gives to an employee as payment for their work. 2017 marked the end of the company’s use of paper payslips. Sainsbury’s payslips are now all distributed digitally and electronically. Sainsbury’s has recently purchased a number of brands and businesses. You will also receive a digital payslip if you are an employee of any of these businesses. The parent company has recently acquired Sainsbury’s bank, Tu, Nectar, Argos, and Habitat, among other businesses.

How to View OurSainsburys Employee PaySlips

Pay slips are required for both legal and financial reasons. You might need them to file your taxes for some of you. However, some of you may require them to apply for a loan.

I’ll show you how to view your Sainsbury’s Employee payslips in this section.

You can view your paychecks in two ways. Both approaches will be discussed in detail:

Method 1: When you are at work, logging into your Sainsburys online portal is the first way to view your payslips. It is a Sainsbury’s internal portal that can only be accessed at your place of employment. You will be able to view your payslips on the dashboard of your online portal once you have logged in.

Method 2: The Oursainsbury employee information portal is the second method by which you can view your payslips. All OurSainsburys employees can access their pay stubs at any time through the portal. You can also get a copy of your previous paychecks from the web portal.

Follow the steps carefully below to view your payslips through the employee information web portal accessible through the Oursainsburys login. I have detailed the steps you need to take in order to view your payslips without any issues.

1)On your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, open the web browser of your choice.
2) Go to, the company’s official website.
3) Hold off until the entire website has loaded. A login form can be found on the homepage.
4) In the appropriate fields, enter your username and password for your account.
5) To continue, click the login button.
6) Go to the dashboard after logging in to your account. On the right side of the dashboard, there is a menu option called Payslips.
7) To view your pay stubs, click on it.


To view your Sainsbury’s payslip at the moment, you must wait until the end of the current monthly payment cycle. After the conclusion of each payment cycle for the month, digital payslips are sent to employees. However, a portion of your paycheck from Thursday morning, the day before your payday, can be viewed online.

To view your most recent Sainsbury payslip, use the methods described above.

This article shows you how to view both your current and previous payslips. SAINSBURY’S CUSTOMER SUPPORT However, if you encounter difficulties viewing your salary payslip, you should contact your regional HR manager. You will have assistance obtaining your pay stubs from the HR manager. Alternatively, you can resolve your issues by contacting.

Sainsbury’s Customer Support.

Human Resources: 0800 707 6242; DT Service Desk: 0345 603 2282; Bank Service Desk: 0345 603 4401; Depot Service Desk: 0345 603 5538. The staff members who provide customer support have received extensive training. If you have any questions about the employee information portal, let them know. They will unquestionably assist you in finding answers to your questions.

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